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Wealth Management

by Henry Fung - Partner Managing Director
Our Private Wealth arm specialises in providing strategy specific general advice to our High Net Worth clients, who have very specific needs in their portfolio. Our Private Wealth Advisers all have decades of experience and know the Australian market like the back of their hand.

Income or growth specialists

Shares form a large part of most investments and superannuation portfolios. MF & Co. are experts in direct share investment and can balance a strategy towards growth or income depending on what you require from us.

Our focus for our strategies ranges from the short to the long term, depending on what you want.

Qualitative and quantitative driven

Through our partnerships with multiple research houses and our own highly experienced advisers, we look closely at every recommendation we make and ensure that it the best of the best.

Our screening methods are very critical, we look at all stocks objectively and understand them from a qualitative and a quantitative basis before making a recommendation. You won’t find us trading for trading’s sake.

Highly qualified and experienced

Our senior Private Wealth Advisers have over 10 years experience and hold accreditation’s in RG146 – Securities & Managed Investments and Accredited Derivatives Adviser Level 2. This allows our Advisers to use complex options strategies to help you achieve your investment goals.

Experience a full wealth management offering

Experience peace of mind as our Advisers provide a full wealth management service, allowing you to experience life as you want it. Our Advisers are on call and you will always get to speak to a qualified person who can assist you.

Contact us for our fee schedule. We pride ourselves in having transparent and simple fees that will give you value for money.

Our Private Wealth Advice service (IMA) has a minimum of $100,000. Due to high touch nature of the service and limited capacity, our IMA service is not always available and subject to a review of the client’s requirements and portfolio before an IMA account can be accepted.

We specialise in the Australian and US markets. We have many years of experience in the Australian market with a particular focus on income generating options strategies. Our international focus is mostly US as that is where the most innovative companies in the world reside and is the market where we can find the most event-driven alpha.

The advice we give is general advice only. We do not take your personal situation into consideration. For both the growth and income model portfolios, we require your express permission to place the order as we do not have discretionary control over your SMA.