Home Fees


Home Fees


by Henry Fung - Partner Managing Director

Simple and Fair Fee Structure

Fair fees and value for money is our aim for all our clients. We have structured our fees so that they are as simplified as possible and aligned to our client’s interests.

Platforms to Suit Your Needs

We offer our clients two platforms to trade from. Our Global Access platform gives our clients access to Australian and international products in a custodial structure and our ASX Access platform gives Australian investors the unique HIN structure and qualification for franking credits.

Click here to download the fee schedule.

Please note the schedule is only a guideline and can change without notice.

Sit on the beach, enjoy the finer things in life and let us look after the rest. We look after every facet of your investments with on demand reporting and constant updates so you know exactly where you stand.

We don’t charge extra for phone orders and we offer SMS trade alerts for free for our SMA clients. We also don’t charge for account minimums and there are no hidden fees.

Our ASX Access Platform gives Australian investors the unique HIN structure as well as high quality research by the securities arm of Australia’s largest bank, CommSec.

Our Global Access Platform is an institutional grade platform that gives clients access to local and international products in a custodial structure. The platform gives you total control of your investments, with access to over 35 market centres around the world.

The Portfolio Administration System (PAS) is a state of the art portfolio system which connects to your trading accounts, your banks and everything else in between. PAS is your one stop shop to all your accounting needs – just print out your end of year accounts and hand them over to your accountant. Efficient, quick and accurate reporting.